International Social Projects and Volunteering

the first (bachelor’s) level of higher education

231 Social service

Educational program International social projects and voluntary activity is aimed on high-performative professionals in social service, capable of solving complex tasks and deal with problems in social sphere, aided to improve social welfare of population, personal and mass development, social protection and aim for the most vulnerable social strata.

Social worker is capable to perform the full set of soft skills basics which are easy to use in several areas at ones without narrowing them in means of professional’s specialization: emotional and digital awareness, critical and ecological thinking – the key tools of social worker. Namely, they are one of the among the top-list amongst the most urgent skills up till 2030 – as it posited – in Economical forum in Davos in 2017.

This profession is the one that should be thought as the widespread skill permanently on demand among the emplyers – that is, because of globalization and digital technologies. Face-to-face consulting with a workplace support at hand would become the organic part of rapid technologies.

Educational and professional program:

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