The Department of Philosophy was founded at the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in 1958.

Professors, associate professors and teachers of the department teach philosophical disciplines to students of the first (bachelor’s) level of higher education at all faculties of KPI. Igor Sikorsky. The most experienced specialists teach philosophical disciplines as part of the training of applicants for higher education of the third (educational and scientific) level (PhD). There is a postgraduate and doctoral program at the department. In 1996, the Faculty of Sociology of NTUU “KPI” was established on the basis of the departments of philosophy, history of Ukraine, political science and sociology.

In 2008, the Faculty of Sociology and Law (FSP) was established.

Starting from 2018, the department is a graduate majoring in 231 Social Work.

We liaise with international programs and take care of our students, who have the right to acquire knowledge and skills outside our country.

Head of the Department of Philosophy

Вogachev Roman Mykhailovych

History of the Department of Philosophy

In early years

The department was created in 1958, being headed by:

Founder of department in 1958:

Kopnin Pavlo Vasilyovich

Cherkasova Sofia Illivna

from 1987 to 2020

Novikov Borys Volodymyrovich

The Philosophy Department in 1970-th:

The Philosophy Department in 1980-th

The Philosophy Department in 1990-th:

Our location:

Ukraine, 03056, m.Kyiv, Peremogi avenue, 37, KPI im. Igor Sikorskogo,

building 7, above 5, room. 530

Phone numbers:

(044) 204-81-56
(044) 204-92-71




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Philosophy in KPI