Material and technical supplement of the department

Notions on quantitative and qualitive stats of material and technical supplement for philosophy department’s higher education providing

Notions on general physical area of cabinets and audiences used in educational activities

Address The owner Area

(square meters)

Academic building № 1

(Peremohy, Ave. 37)

KPI named after Igor Sikorsky 27945,1
Academic building № 7

(Peremohy, Ave. 37-k)

KPI named after Igor Sikorsky 32349,7
Academic building № 19 (ul. Polytechnichna, st., 39) KPI named after Igor Sikorsky 21978,4

In Academic building No. 7, the department holds several audiences with total area of 170,3 m2, namely:

  • №517 of the head of the department (33,5 м2);
  • methodical cabinet №534 (69,4 м2) for 55 attendants with about 2000 exemplars of scientific and educational methodology literature which used by students when preparing for seminars. Students, doctoral students and the department’s staff are as well have an option to use cabinet’s e-catalogue and use free Wi-Fi internet.
  • laboratory supervisor’s cabinet №533 (16,4 м2);
  • audience №530 for the lecturers (51,0 м2) providing a workspace for the staff with office equipment and PCs with Internet

In addition, during the educational process, there are also other spaces in used, that is, specifically-equipped audiences and laboratories of the Faculty of sociology and law. The educational process is performed with the use of informational and communicative technologies. The audiences are refurbished to extent of having comfortable learning conditions, equipped with projectors, viewing screens, blackboards and the interactive boards, notebooks. Concerning the informational part of educational process, the two computer classes are in effect. In 2019, 20 modern computers for the computer class for seminars and individual tasks for students were bought for educational process improvement.

To sum up, the department is fully equipped for laboratory and practical proceedings. At the same time, the material and technical base is always renewed, widened, the technical equipment and supplement is as well subject of special evaluation monitoring, allowing to improve the quality of educational process. Methodical cabinet library is, in its turn, supplied with new methodical and professional academic literature.

In addition, the students also have an opportunity to use university’s social infrastructure. The academic building’s location grants fast access to dormitories, libraries, sports facilities and sport-activities-corpus with a swimming pool, as well as access to the canteens and dining room.