on the journal “TECHNE” initiated by the Faculty of Sociology and Law of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

“TECHNE” (Greek: τέχνη — art, mastery, skills of a creative person).

The uniqueness of the journal is the embodiment of the central vision of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute: “To help create the society of the future based on the concept of sustainable development… ” and the combination of philosophical explorations with social technologies and social work practices.

The field and issues of the “TECHNE” journal:

033 “Philosophy”: Philosophy of science and technology; Creativity in the form of practical universality; Creatosphere of man-mankind, transformed forms; The cognitive sphere of society and man, the Internet, etc.

231 “Social work”: Innovations of social work: theory and methodology, practices, interventions and technologies of modern social work; Management of social work: management, organization and optimization of the functioning of social work institutions, etc.

Intended for employees of scientific research organizations, scientific specialists, doctoral students, graduate students, and students of higher educational institutions.

The aspiring periodicity of publication of the “TECHNE” journal is twice a year.

Estimated number of articles in the issue: from 10 to 15.

The magazine “TECHNE” is planned for publication in printed and electronic format.

Language of publications – Ukrainian, English.

Funding sources: authors’ funds; grant funds; funds of sponsors.

It is planned to apply for submitting the journal to the List of specialized scientific publications (category “B”) after 2 issues. In the future perspective, in 2-3 years, it is planned to submit the journal documents for further indexing in the Web of Science Core Collection and/or Scopus databases.

The editorial board of “TECHNE” will be represented by researchers from Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, and France and provides not only the publication of the journal but also the holding of joint scientific conferences, methodological seminars, and round tables on current problems of philosophical and social sciences.

Sections of the journal: Scientific articles, interviews with experts, reviews, discussions, translations, archives, new editions, scientific life.

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